ChristmasCave - Stand-Alone Control Boxes (SACB's)

You know those little control boxes they put on the big light sets that lets the set do all kinds of different patterns?  Those are neat but after a while you may find yourself wishing you could create your own patterns.

Or maybe you have a display you want to automate but don't want to have a computer connected to it.

We've got just the thing for you!

Our Stand-Alone Control Box (SACB) unit allows you to use your computer to program different patterns into the control box.  Once the patterns are programmed you can unplug it from the computer, connect it to your display, and then use it as a Stand-Alone Control Box.  They are called 'stand-alone' because no computer connection is needed in order for them to playback the programmed patterns.  Simply apply power and the pattern you programmed will play until the power is turned off.

Don't like the pattern?  Just connect it to the computer again and program a new one!  In fact, while working on getting the pattern 'just right' you can keep your lights and/or output devices connected to the box.  As soon as programming is finished the box starts playback of the newly programmed pattern.

The chips are good for around 10,000 programming cycles and should remember the programmed patterns for approximately 40 years without requiring any power.

Any combination of outputs can be on at any given time (up to 8 total).  Another plus is that each stage (or step) of the sequence doesn't have to be the same length of time - they can vary.

Currently SACB playback operates in two different modes:

1) each stage (or step) has it's own timing. this allows for a total of 31 steps.


2) each stage's (or step's) duration is the same as all the others. this allows for a total of 61 steps.

On top of that one can have repeat commands.  These repeat a certain number of stages (or steps) a specified number of times so that you don't use any more steps than you have to.  For example, let's say you had a pattern that went 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, and then output 3 would come on.  All you would have to do is tell the software to repeat the 1-2 sequence 4 times and then turn on 3.  This saves memory and allows more complex patterns to be programmed into the control boxes because there are more stages (steps) available.  See the graphic below for an illustration of the above example (note the different timing values):

One suggested way of using these control boxes would be to program a pattern, plug the SACB into one computer-controlled channel, and then use computer control to turn on that one channel to start the SACB pattern going, thus conserving valuable computer-controlled channels.

When ordering, don't forget to purchase the SACB Programmer software so you can program patterns into the control box.