ChristmasCave Brain board

The above hardware is at the heart of a control box and is available either fully assembled and tested (left picture) or in kit form (right picture).  It takes serial data in from DasherS or the SACB Programmer utility and turns on or off the 8 outputs of the control box it resides in.  Each output is connected to a solid-state relay (SSR) that switches 110VAC on and off.  Each SSR is then connected to a standard Edison outlet that a light string, extension cord, or other electrical device can plug in to.

Please note that the microprocessor (SCCB or SACB chip) is sold separately.

The following is a list of what a person needs to have or provide in order to make a control box using a Brain board:

bulleta Brain board (either assembled or unassembled)
bulletstandard ethernet cables (one for each control box you have)
bulletsolid-state relays (SSRs) - one for each channel you want to have (up to 8)
bulletsomething to contain all the parts for a control box (metal or plastic box)
bulletoutlets (at least one for each channel)
bulletpower cord (one for each control box) - an old computer power cord works nicely for this
bulletsome small wire to make connections between the Brain board and all the SSRs (stranded wire preferable)
bulletsome small SOLID wire to make connections between the Brain board and the RJ45 connector(s)
bulletsome 14 or 16 or 18AWG wire to make the 110VAC connections
bulletsome milk carton plastic (or some non-conductive material) to mount the Brain board on.  This then gets mounted to the bottom of the control box or wherever you'd like to mount it in the control box enclosure.  You only need this if you're using a metal box.  It's purpose is to insulate the board from the metal box.
bulletdouble-sided sticky foam tape to attach the Brain board to the milk carton plastic
bulletelectrical tape (for insulating various components in the enclosure)
bulletwire cutters
bulletwire strippers
bulletpliers (needle-nose preferable)
bulletsolder & soldering iron
bulletknife and/or scissors
bulletscrew driver(s)
bulletdigital multi-meter (or just a meter for measuring continuity and/or voltage)

A basic DasherS setup would involve obtaining most or all of the above items plus the following things from us:

bulleta serial adapter
bulleta Brain board (either as a kit or already assembled and tested)
bulleta SCCB microprocessor
bulletat least 1 female RJ45 connector (if you have more than one control box you'll need two RJ45 connectors in each control box except the last one)
bulleta wall transformer

Other Uses

The Brain board can also be used for making Stand-Alone Control Boxes (SACB's).  Any pattern and timing wanted can be custom programmed into the microprocessor (SACB chip) using the SACB Programmer utility.  Then all you have to do is provide power to the control box and the pattern will play back.  Variable timings and multiple channels on at one time are supported.  Eight outputs per control box are available.