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Adapter Serial adapter $4.99
Brain-Assembled Brain (assembled and tested) $29.99
Brain-Kit Brain (kit) $19.99
BrainPCB Bare Brain board $9.99
CB-Assembled4 Assembled control box (4 channels) $99.99
CB-Assembled8 Assembled control box (8 channels) $159.99
CBBoard-Assembled Control box board (8 channels) $109.99
SACB-chip Stand-Alone Control Box (SACB) chip $39.99
SCCB-chip Serially-Controlled Control Box (SCCB) chip $9.99
SCCB2-chip Serially-Controlled Control Box (SCCB) chip v2.0 $19.99
RJ45 Female RJ45 connector $7.49
Transformer Wall transformer $4.99
Package Deals
BasicSACB Basic SACB Package $72.46
BasicSCCB Basic SCCB Package $42.46
SACB-Package1 SACB Package (box) $219.99
SACB-Package2 SACB Package (board) $169.99
Serial-Package1 SCCB Package (box) $249.99
Serial-Package2 SCCB Package (board) $199.99
DasherD v1.0 DasherD (digital control) $99.00
DasherP v1.0 DasherP (parallel control) $99.00
DasherS v1.0 DasherS (serial control) $99.00
DasherD v2.0 DasherD2 (digital control) $79.00
DasherP v2.0 DasherP2 (parallel control) $79.00
DasherS v2.0 DasherS2 (serial control) $79.00
DasherD v2.0 upgrade DasherD2UPGRADE (digital control) $59.00
DasherP v2.0 upgrade DasherP2UPGRADE (parallel control) $59.00
DasherS v2.0 upgrade DasherS2UPGRADE (serial control) $59.00
SACB-Programmer SACB Programmer utility $19.99

Updated Monday, June 25, 2018

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