The ChristmasCave's Story

Once upon a time one of Santa's elves became tired of making nothing but wood toys all day long.  This elf liked to play and experiment with electronics in his spare time (i.e. when he wasn't working in Santa's workshop).  However his experiments often resulted in explosions, North Pole City power outages, and other little annoyances. When the elf did get one of his gadgets to work he would show them to Santa.  Santa always liked them and thought they were neat.

One day after a particularly long power outage the elf was called into Santa's office. The elf was dreading the visit. However, when he got there, Santa had a smile on his face.

Santa said, "Son, I want to show you something.  Please come with me."

So out into the cold, snowy weather they went.

They walked to the back of North Pole City and continued on into the forest.  Traveling a bit further into the forest they came to a small clearing at the base of a mountain.  The elf noticed that on the other side of the clearing was an entrance to a cave that had been boarded up with "DANGER - KEEP OUT" signs posted on it.

Santa then related the history of the cave to the elf.  It seems back in the early days of North Pole City that a safe place was needed to put a power station to protect it from the storms and snow that the North Pole experiences year-round.  The place needed to be enclosed and quite a distance away from where people lived, worked, and played to protect North Pole City citizens from any accidents that might happen.  This cave was the chosen location.

As the years past and the power needs of the city increased a newer, safer power station was built and the old power station was no longer used.

While all this was interesting to the elf it left him wondering why Santa was telling him all of this.  He didn't have to wonder for long.  Santa told him that he could live in the cave and do his experiments in the safety and warmth of the cave so if things went wrong the rest of North Pole City wouldn't be affected.

Needless to say the elf was estatic!  After thanking Santa the elf got to work on getting the cave cleaned up and the power station operational again.  Getting the power station operational was important for two reasons:

And now you know the history of the ChristmasCave.  After working in the cave for a number of years the elf stumbled on the idea of starting to sell the gadgets he came up with.  The elf is pleased to start offering some of his creations for sale on this, the cave’s web site.

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