What's new at the ChristmasCave?

February 7, 2002

Changed the Customers page to allow for easier maintenance and the addition of many more customers.


December 11, 2001

The SCCB Addresser utility placed on the site (see the Downloads page under miscellaneous software) as a free download.


November 28, 2001

Well it's finally happened.  A buggy yet functional DasherX10 has been released.  I would ask that anyone purchasing this version of Dasher please give me plenty of feedback.  There will be free upgrades for a while as I finish fixing the bugs and issuing updates.  Once I feel it's reached a good level of functionality I'll end the free upgrades (this will be at my discretion) and people who want a newer version with newer features will have to upgrade just like other versions of Dasher.  Please e-mail any feedback to support@christmascave.com.  Thanks!